Monday, May 11, 2009

In all, good.


I had a good weekend, beginning Friday night.  Well, sort of.  My cousin’s wedding shower was Friday night, and it was a cocktail party, which I thought was different and fun.  I had to drive my mother out there, so I went to her house from work and got ready.  Without getting in to every.single.detail, on the way there the conversation turned to why my cousin might not have asked me to be in the wedding, and my mother basically implied that it was because I was fat and would ruin her picture perfect event.  Not in so many words, but that was totally the point.  I suppose though, who better to make you feel ashamed than your mom?  I don’t know.  The shower itself was fun though and I had a good time chatting with my aunts and SIL.  Better yet, my Aunt drove my mom home, and I didn’t have to.


Saturday morning, I took Bud to Tae Kwon Do, and then did some cleaning while Hub cleaned out his machine in the driveway.  In case you were wondering, carpet cleaning machine sludge and gunk kills worms.  There are a quintillion of them lying dead in my driveway.  His employee brought his 5-year-old daughter over while they worked and she and the big kids played really well together.  After lunch I took Lucy and Liv to the outlet mall.  Liv didn’t need any clothes, but Lucy and Bud had nothing for the summer.  I typically do their shopping solo, but Lucy is so awkward with sizes, she needed to try things on.  Does anyone else have that issue with their girls?  I mean, Bud is 5 and he wears a 5.  He will be in a 6 this winter when he turns 6—no questions asked.  Lucy, who is still 3 by the way, is a 4T in some things, a 4 in others and a 5T in other things.  It’s re-fricking-diculous,  So she tried things on and tried to throw headbands, barrettes and shoes in to the stroller without me noticing, and Liv pulled things down off of shelves and racks everywhere we stopped.  Oh yes, fun times.  Generally though, they were well behaved and fun to be with.  They even came along happily with me to Old Navy when my flip flop snapped and broke in the middle of our trip.  They are good girls; and deserved the ice cream we shared.  And, oh, I scored great deals!!  And the Crabby Tee!!  Squee!!


Yesterday, Hub went to the bakery in the morning to get my favorite donuts, and then took the kids out for the day.  I read the paper and sipped coffee and then took a scalding hot shower in peace.  After that, I napped for 3 hours.  It was a glorious day.  They came home toting gifts, a new cook book from Bud, and a picture frame with 3 slots for 3 kids from Lucy.  Then we had breakfast for dinner.  I bathed the kids while Hub got ready for work, and the big kids went to bed early.  I snuggled with the baby on the couch watching TV while she slept on my shoulder.  She smelled so clean and was just a warm snuggly yummikins.  It may have been the best day eve.  The end.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Too all my Crabby friends

The Crabby Tee is available again at TCP. A little bit different than the one we all bought a few years ago (when lucy was….sigh…..not even 2), but a crabby tee just the same!