Monday, October 20, 2008

Autumn Through The Years

Every Columbus Day Weekend, we travel to Letchworth State Park, which is a gigantic park set around a gorge. The scenery is breathtaking. We never know what the weather will have in store for us---snow, rain, extreme heat, but we go no matter what. In 2005 we began taking photos near Wolf Creek on a set of stone stairs. We found ourselves there again in 2006 and took another set of photos—one of which actually was our Christmas card that year. It has become a tradition now, and will be for as long as we can keep it up.

These are the photos since 2005—some of you may have seen them before—but here they are anyway:






LoriD said...

Cute! We used to go camping at Letchworth. Good times!

Jess said...

You have to keep taking these photos forever! How adorable!

Misty said...

Look at the cuties!

I actually *like* seeing photos I have seen before, albeit a long time ago. It makes me feel like we have been "friends" for a really long time. And that makes me happy.