Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Great Dress at Target; Hair Care Woes

I had a really good trip to Target this weekend.  I still haven't found a maxi dress that I can wear--apparently, big boobs and hips indicate that you are tall, very tall, so I haven't found one that doesn't drag on the floor. I did find this chambray dress though, and I fell in love with it--1. the fact that I fit in to a dress from target that was not in the plus or maternity section, and 2. it really is super cute!  Just look:

I also bought these sandals:
I bought some fitted tees and workout clothes as well.  I've been feeling pretty good about the way I look lately, and I enjoyed shopping.  I'm not skinny by any means, but I am more toned than I've been in a long time.  I'm enjoying wearing clothes that make me feel like I look good.

If only I could do something about my hair.  I had the straightest of straight hair up until a few years ago.  I never used a hair dryer, never had to worry about it.  Now?  The shit is straight up wavy/borderline curly.  If it is humid, as summer in Buffalo tends to be? Forget it.  What is a girl to do? It seems like even if I blow it straight complete with product, that as soon as it hits the humidity, or I sweat a little bit that it all goes to hell.  Being that I never learned how to do my hair, I am at a loss.  So tell me--what am I supposed to do with my hair?


d e v a n said...

I have those same shoes in a gold-ish brown. Love them!

I have hair that reacts strongly to humidity too. It's very thick, and wavy/curly. I either straighten it or use a LOT of product to keep it not-huge.

Carmen said...

I have the same hair now. Did it change after you were pregnant? Mine is wavier now, but my preference is sleek, so I blowdry it to within an inch of its life (when I have time) and then by the time I get to work, not so sleek anymore. I wish I could figure out a product that didn't make it crunchy, didn't make it look greasy but just worked.

I have been using None of your Frizziness from Herbal Essences (I think, because I went to look it up and it seems to only be shampoo & conditioner, whereas I have a smoothing creme or some such... I'll have to check when I get home from work.)

I should just buck up and buy an iron, but that would require even MORE time in the morning. My hair is so thick it already takes be forever to blow dry, so I can't be adding on ironing on top. We'd never get out the door in the morning.

The Kellys said...

I've had crazy curly hair from day 1 and my new obsession (and the best product I've tried yet) is Paul Mitchell's Round Trip. It doesn't make my hair crunchy like mousse (ick) and it actually feels like it helps my hair. Good luck! Trying different things is so annoying sometimes.

The Kellys said...

It's also supposed to help cut down on drying time, so that's nice!

Shalini said...

Yup, have the same hair. What I did was grow it long and put it in a ponytail. Super unhelpful advice? Yes!

CAQuincy said...

Yep, Upstate New York Big Hair Girls Unite! Mine is totally crazy right now and is always in a bun or ponytail. And I know it doesn't necessarily look good, but OH WELL for now. I'll cut it when summer is over--if it doesn't drive me crazy first. And yes, it gets thicker (and darker!) with every pregnancy!

Anyway, LOVE the dress. BUMMED that all those cute, cute dresses out are NOT nursing friendly!

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