Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Extra Curricular

I have to admit that when Lucy quit gymnastics after she turned 3 because she didn’t like doing it herself (it was previously Mommy and Me), I was relieved. For one, I didn’t have to deal with those horrible women any longer, but also because it really put a cramp in to our Saturday schedule. We’re coming to a point though where she is interested in doing things again, and of course, gymnastics is at the top of the list. Well, gymnastics and cheerleading, but she can’t be a cheerleader until she is 7. I’m also at the point where I would like to start doing Mommy and Me with Liv, so I think we really need to start exploring the options.

Only some of The Mean Moms transferred to where we started going after the old school closed, but I don’t think I like that location. It was always complete chaos, and I don’t think that Lucy would have got much out of it even if she had stayed. Other locations that I know about are either too far away, or more than I want to pay. I have some feelers out with some friends to see if there are any that I am missing. I’d also like classes that butt up against each other, so I can do Liv, and then Lucy and then be done for the day.

I think I’m asking for too much.

The girls only go to pre-school/daycare 2 days a week. And while they’re not sitting around like lumps while they’re with Hub or my mom (I actually think there is a lot of value in going out to work with Hub), they need to be enriched. But I want to do it in a way where it does not wreak havoc on our lives. Bud does Tae Kwon Do 3 days a week after school. Even on his later class days, he is home by 6:30. We are lucky to have FIL to help facilitate getting him there and back. How do you guys do it? What do you do with your kids?

I need help!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Can you tell me how to get...

I had a half day on Friday to get some things done and I got home just in time to see Bud getting off the bus. Bonus. I am never home to see him running up the walk. I told Hub that it is time to get the porch furniture out for the times that I am home as I like to sit out there with my coffee while waiting or after I put the kids to bed at night for some fresh air. This is not to mention the fact that our neighbor’s house is for sale, and I would love to have a vessel to further my gawking at the potential buyers coming in and out instead of pressing my face up against the glass like a lunatic.

Speaking of lunacy, I had my niece in addition to my own 3 kids this weekend, and I took all 4 of them to the science museum to see the Sesame Street body exhibit. They had a really good time. We met up with Hub’s cousin and her kid as well, so it was 2 on 5. The bonus of the day was being able to climb the (treacherous wrought iron) spiral stair case up to the roof which is their observatory. Bud got to take a look at the sun through a large telescope, and I got to take some photos of our city’s skyline. The museum was actually pretty small, but just right to fill a few hours in the mid afternoon. (and could you just *DIE* over Liv's Converse All*Stars???)

The kids were so well behaved that I took them all for ice cream on the way home. I made small talk with a woman who was pregnant with her 3rd child, a boy after having 2 girls. She was worried that the boy would be harder than her girls were. I told her that for me, compared to the girls, the boy is a piece of cake. It was nice. My niece ate all 3 of my kids under the table; you’d have thought she was in some sort of contest. I had to pull napkin out of her mouth several times.

I woke up yesterday morning and could hardly walk and couldn’t figure out why. Then it occurred to me—the stairs. I carried the baby up and down that steep spiral stair case. It was horrible, but things needed to get done, and they did. General Sunday stuff that included grocery shopping and cleaning, and showers for the kiddos, plus getting ready for what is sure to be a long week since my parents are on a cruise. This leaves the girls home with Hub/FIL for 3 days instead of their usual 1 day at home. I have high ambitions for this week as well, which includes listing some more items on Ebay and figuring out just what the hell I am supposed to be doing at work.

Something tells me that by the time next weekend arrives, I’m going to need it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sound the Trumpets!

I’ve lost 6 pounds. I know that in the grand scheme of things, this is nothing—especially considering that I have about 70 more to lose, but in the past it has been virtually impossible for me to lose weight. I’ve gone to the gym for months at a time and have thought that I was doing a good job, but end up losing say 10 or 15 lbs over the course of several months and toning up quite a bit, but I never lose anything this early on.

According to my doctor, I have the worst possible type of metabolism. Even with the thyroid meds, though they boost my thyroid function, my metabolism virtually stands still. We recently upped my Synthroid dose quite a bit, but I have to do twice the work of a normal person to make any sort of difference, so I’ve been doing just that over the last 2 weeks. I’ve gone to they gym for an hour a day, 5 days a week. I’ve tracked my calories and all that jazz in a fancy tracker for my Blackberry. For the first time, I am actually holding myself accountable, and I think it is helping. I feel better than I have felt in a very long time.

I’d be lying if I said that hearing that my new boss is a body builder and fitness aficionado in her spare time isn’t somewhat motivating. I don’t want to meet her in my current schlubby state. Plus she’s younger than me. I need to get moving.

Speaking of the job, it is going ok. Yes, ok. I am one week in and I feel like my head is going to explode with all of the new information. I am doing a lot of absorbing. I made a huge error on my very first project; it was fixable, but you know, I really wanted to shine. It’s harder than I thought it would be. In the good way though. I’m happy.

But I am glad it is the weekend.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Maybe I'm craaaaazy! Probably!!

The kids keep asking me why I’m going to the gym and it is so hard to refrain from telling them the real reason, which is that I’d like to be skinny again. “To be healthy”, I tell them and I grit my teeth. Health is some of it, but really, I just want to get rid of all the weight I’ve put on through and after my 3 pregnancies. I’ve been at the gym right at opening time (5am on weekdays, 7am on weekends) for 6 out of the last 8 days. I’m proud of myself, and I’m starting to feel a little bit better. But damn if it isn’t hard—not even so much to get there, but to stay motivated. 6 hours in the gym seems like a lot. And I feel like I should notice at least a small improvement somewhere. I am aware that this is unrealistic, but I’d like just a little bit of instant gratification, you know?

I’ve also been really trying my best to not eat a whole bunch of crap, and it’s going ok—but it is hard at work. You smell all of these amazing things, and then all you have to eat is natural peanut butter on multigrain. Which is delicious, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not a steak hoagie with peppers and onions.

Have any of you ever injured the arch of your foot? Mine is killing me, and I’d like to take care of it without, you know, seeing a doctor. I’ve read a lot about inserts—any recommendations? It hurts so freaking bad! It all happened when I took a lunchtime walk in my dress shoes (flats) that have less support and sole than a flip flop does. I don’t want to get out of the habit of working out, so resting it isn’t really an option. I just need to fix it!! NOW!!

My parents took the kids overnight on Saturday, and Hub and I spent our time alone grocery shopping. We had intentions of seeing a movie, but ended up sitting in the bar of PF Changs and eating a late dinner instead. I was way too tired for a movie, what with all the exercising. I slept in until 10:45 yesterday morning too. Oh it was glorious. Hub was out getting coffee and breakfast (unasked, thank you!!) when I got up and then we read the paper and ate bakery doughnuts (Sunday’s don’t count in my quest for good eating, apparently), and finally went to get the kiddos.

So there is more gym on the agenda for this week; I already went today. And then there is the new job, where I am very very lost, but very much enjoying it and absorbing things. And we are taking the CAQuincy way of seeing if Bud can stay dry through the night (it involves a shower curtain and multiple sheet changes, and kind of sucks if your washer is broken, BUT it works—at least more times than it fails) because he want s to have sleep overs with friends (um, hell no) and doesn’t want to have to wear a pull up. And I’m selling a bunch of crap on Ebay. So, another busy week, and hopefully a relaxing weekend to follow. Did I mention we got our play set built? The kids are spending literal hours out there, just swinging and climbing and having a GRAND old time.

So anyway, I feel like a crazy person lately, but the good kind of crazy.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Fever

“I love Justin Bieber, Mama”, Lucy proclaimed to me in the car this morning. “I know, baby”, I replied. “No!! MY BIEBER!!”, Liv yelled from the back. I just grinned, those funny girls.

Lucy, at the ripe old age of 4 has the Bieber Fever. She saw him on the Kid’s Choice Awards and has been hooked. 4-years old with her first boy obsession. Oy,

We were listening to the radio on the way to my mom’s this morning and the local radio station was all about Justin because he is in town today performing a free concert for the school in our area who collected the most pennies for our Children’s Hospital. Girls were calling in because he was (supposedly) listening to their messages from his hotel. And they were all “I love you, Justin!!” “I’m single, Justin!!” and various other teeny bopper bull shit.

It took me back though—some 20 years when I myself was in middle school. Our school raised the most money and had the most Walk America participation. And so we had our own private concert in our gym with……wait for it…..


I know. 1. I am old, and 2. OMG, NELSON!! But remembering it, I know just how those girls feel. I wasn’t even so much obsessed with Nelson at the time, but to have a big time celebrity in our school was probably the most exciting thing that had happened to me at that point in my life. And I remember how I felt (ok still feel) about, say NKOTB, and I totlally get those little girls.

And even though she’s only 4, I’m happy to indulge Lucy’s obsession. We pump up the music in the car. We recorded SNL for her last week. We’ve discussed (but haven’t made a decision about) going to see him at the state fair in August.

I can’t wait to see what she’s like as a teenager.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fitness Tips (to myself)

• The first 2 weeks are always the hardest. You will want to die. You will want to cry. But think of the energy you will have going in to week 3. You’ve done this before. You got this.
• Don’t compare yourself to all those skinny girls. They probably didn’t have 3 babies in less than 5 years, and if they did, they are the freaks. You are the norm. Nobody there is concerned with your jiggly ass. (I promise)
• You have always had a love/hate relationship with the elliptical. You will want to kick it’s ass for the first week or so. But once you hit your groove, it will be your best friend.
• Drinking 20 ounces of water before you’ve even had breakfast will seem like a bad idea and you will try and talk yourself out of it. Don’t. Accept the peeing all day in exchange for not dying from the muscle spasms.
• Getting up at 4:50 am sucks. So what, suck it up. You haven’t slept a full night in more than 2 years anyway.
• Regardless of the outcome, you will never wear a bikini. Ever. Focus on being healthy for your children and your husband.