Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Free for All-- Just Random Updates and Junk

  • I’m emailing this post, in case the font looks weird
  • I had a pretty decent time last weekend, despite having to hold my tongue a few times.  My mother and one aunt arrived at my other Aunt’s house Friday evening, and we had dinner and watched a movie.  My cousins were there too and it was fun exchanging looks with them as my mother snored and then pretended not to be sleeping.  We spent Saturday running around, to various places—a Mennonite general store, a farmer’s market, a large supermarket run by the Mennonites (where I bought fresh ground peanut butter, sweetened with honey—YUM), a shady kind of antique store, and finally to Christmas Tree Shoppes, which was double the size of the one here.  We spent about 2 hours there before meeting my sister-in-law for dinner.  My mother kept saying Thai food, but it was really a mishmash of Asian foods type of restaurant.  It was good anyway though.  We watched another movie with snacks that evening, and came home Sunday morning around 11. 
  • My husband is going to a holistic medicine type guy today.  The guy is a chiropractor too, so he is having an adjustment, and then acupuncture and some other crap.  If you had ever met my husband, you would understand how odd this all sounds.  He brought it up in casual conversation yesterday as in “I have an hour and a half appointment with this guy tomorrow.  And if it works out, I think you should see him for your migraines as well.”  Hub is usually against anything that is remotely alternative and can give me a hard time if I want to go against the norm which is why it caught me off guard.  I’m all for it though.  I can’t wait to hear how it turns out. 
  • Speaking of slipping things casually in to conversation, FIL starts his radiation therapy today.  I don’t think I posted here about it, but I tweeted briefly.  Prostate Cancer.  Prognosis is excellent; they caught it really early.  Hub went to a few appointments with him to be sure everything is as FIL says it is.  Supposedly, this directed type of radiation (right to the affected area) shouldn’t really put a damper on any of his life activities.  Right now he is on schedule for 9 weeks, 5 days a week.  The appointments will take less than an hour.  We are optimistic—but any thoughts and positive energy you could send our way would be appreciated.  You may know that he lives with us and he is a big part of our, and especially the kids’ lives. 
  • He bought the kids a swing-set this week, one of the big wooden dealies.  I think I am more excited about it then they are.  The weather has been great all week, close to 60 degrees (In BUFFALO!!), but everything is still too wet to set it up.  It’s going to be great though to send them out in the yard to swing and slide and climb.  We have a great park not too far away, but imagine the convenience.  YAY.
  • I’m looking forward to getting my Ebay store opened up this weekend.  I have boy’s clothes up to size 5 and baby girls up to 12-18 months if anyone is interested.  :) 
  • I’m also looking forward for much needed haircuts for Lucy and Me this weekend.  I can’t even get a brush through her hair, her ends are so bad.  And I haven’t had my hair cut or colored since June.  Necessary. 




Pickles and Dimes said...

I am interested in hearing more about the shady antique store. :)

I hope everything goes well for your FIL. My uncle and a family friend both went through the same thing (caught early and same treatment), with excellent results.

Anonymous said...

My dad had prostate cancer and is now fine. Thinking of your FIL.


d e v a n said...

P&PT for your FIL!

Jess said...

They have this awesome wooden swing set at Costco for like half the price of comparable ones at Lowe's and I WANT IT. Even though we don't even have kids! The only thing preventing me from caving is the fact that they had it last spring too and I'm guessing that they'll have it, or something similar, every year. And also it wouldn't fit in our car.

Thinking good thoughts for your FIL!

Mommy Daisy said...

Glad all is looking well for your FIL so far. I'll keep him in my prayers.

Tell us how your hubs appointment went with the new doc. I'm interested in hearing about it.

Yay for playsets. We bought a cheap one last year. There are no playgrounds near us, so it's been great. It has a little slide and a few swings, so it's just fine for our one little boy.