Wednesday, August 25, 2010


• Today is Lucy’s official last day of daycare. We are a one child in daycare family again!! YAY! And after the summer of having 3 in “camp”, 1 daycare bill will be quite welcomed.
• We also got the kids’ teacher assignments in the mail last night. Lucy has the same twitty teacher Bud had last year (she says “libary”) but she was super nice and Bud loved her, so we’re pleased. Bud got a new to the school teacher, and his BFF Zach got someone else so they were a bit disappointed, but at least they’ll have the bus rides.
• And speaking of the bus, we got a cryptic letter a few weeks ago talking about combining bus routes and bus stops which may make for longer bus rides for the children. It went on to say that if we were worried about the new bus stops being out of parental sight, we should know, that as parents, it is our responsibility (and not the district’s) to monitor our children at the bus stop (um really? It’s my job to watch my kid?? Thanks for the public service announcement). And we’ve heard nothing else since. I’m hoping that the bus schedule comes soon so I can stop freaking out about this though. In front of the house pick-up was such a blessing for us since FIL usually got Bud off and on every day. He can’t walk them to some bus stop, so we’ll have to either rely on neighbors or somehow modify our schedules.
• We’ve finally settled on a vacation destination, which is Hershey Park in PA. A friend of mine gave me some free passes that she couldn’t use, and this was one of the ideas we were already kicking around (Hub and I were there before we were married), so it must have been fate. I’m excited just to get away for a few days. Hub is excited about the cheap hotel room I scored that has a 2 person Jacuzzi. So far, the weather is supposed to be great there next week—let’s hope the forecast doesn’t change!
• We took our annual trip to the county fair last weekend and had a blast, per usual. Liv was disappointed because most of the rides were for the over 36 inch crowd, but she had a good time just the same. I took Bud on the kiddie roller coaster, which he thought was AWESOME though I was clearly fearing for my life.

• Afterward was the school bus demolition derby, and for a Thursday, it was way more crowded than we would have anticipated. We really enjoyed the way the busses were decorated. We didn’t so much enjoy who I dubbed as “The Fuck Brothers” behind us who fucking inserted the word fuck into every fucking sentence at least one fucking time. Fucking A, man. Listen, I can and do curse like a trucker, but 1. Not at a family event, 2. Not around my children, and 3. As a way to make a point, not just for the sake of saying the word fuck just for the mother fucking hell of it. Fuck Fuck Fuck. Seriously.
• Fuck.


Jess said...

Ooh, vacation sounds lovely. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

OMG that roller coaster picture of you is PRICELESS!! Love it!

CAQuincy said...


Have fun in Hershey! Yay! And yes, we do leave for Jersey on Sunday. Can't *effing* wait! LOL