Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekly Will- Back to Basics

Yes- this week I am getting back to basics, and I am cracking down. Weekly Wills are as follows:

• I will work hard at the gym. Enough to break a sweat, enough to FEEL IT.
• I’m going to pay attention to what I am shoving in my pie-hole, and I will be counting calories.
* I will join the 90-day program at the gym with weigh-ins and photos. (eeesh)
• I will come clean and tell you guys what’s been bugging me lately. (aside from the usual banalities)

So far today, I was under productive at the gym, but have done well with what I have eaten. Breakfast was a Fiber One Bar with a cup of coffee, and then yogurt when I got to work. I’ve also snacked on some Special K crackers, and 2 dark chocolate miniatures. Lunch will be a salad, with chicken, and I have some rice cakes and a granola bar for later. Dinner is up in the air right now.

I packed my lunch today and did not bring any cash with me. I am tied to my lunch bag.


Anonymous said...

Go you! You can do it, just one small step at a time.

LoriD said...

Oooh - more about the 90 day program and the gym please!

Jess said...

Ooh. I am now so curious about what's been bugging you!

Misty said...

Oooo, don't bring money. Good tip.

For other reasons, I put a tiny sticky note on my debit card saying "Do you REALLY want to do this?" This may be helpful in this situation as well. :)

Saly said...

Oh I am already a member of the gym-- this is just a bonus on the side program for a flat fee of $30 that covers the whole 3 months.

CAQuincy said...

I'm with Jess. DISH out the DIRT, woman! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hope everything is ok. The food diary thing is quite interesting, I can see some patterns now. This last week I wrote down my emotions next to the foods, so I could see if if I was eating my feelings, which I was. I also found a good way to count calories is to multiply your ideal weight by 100 and then work to that. So if your ideal weight is 150lbs then 1500 calories a day is what you should work to. I haven't stopped over eating yet but I'm more aware. Big hugs my darling, love you. Paprika.