Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh Crappy Day!

I arrived home very late on Saturday night/Sunday morning to find that my Crappy Day package from Misty had arrived. I took it downstairs and did not remember it in my sleepless state yesterday. When I turned my computer on this morning, there it was! Surprise!

Misty's instructions were to open anything in Christmas paper before Christmas, so that I did. There were also a few unwrapped items. Just look!!

The tree is filled with mint truffle Hershey's kisses, and the bear is an special reminder of where Misty is from.

The rest of the goods

The first package I opened was these ornaments. How did Misty know I'd just printed a bunch of photos?

Then there was this, to use in the owl mug she sent me a while ago:

And some candy and cupcake adornments!

And finally, an owl candle:

I almost can't wait to have a bad day so I can open something else! Whee!!!

Thanks, Misty!!


Doing My Best said...

Woohoo!!! You did a *GREAT* job, Misty =)!!

Saly, you look well-prepared for some Crappy Days =)!! May your CDP last for a LONG TIME ;-)!!

Misty said...

:) I am glad you like everything so far. I can't wait for you to have a crappy day either!

How did I know about the pictures? Because. We are cool like that.

So glad you are pleased. :)

StephLove said...

What nice presents.

Shalini said...

Oooh, so fun! I'm slowly opening mine (very, very slowly). I want to keep them FOREVER. :)