Friday, March 2, 2012

Bullets, and (sort of) resolution to Hub's date proposition

• So Hub talked to Lana. She thought it would be a fun thing to do. Her husband wasn’t interested but “would go if he had to”. She knows Hub likes musicals (he has been in several musicals as he studied theatre and drama in high school and college but actually kind of hates musicals), so she thought he might want to go. I…don’t buy it for a second---and not just because The Entire Internet agreed with me. But he does, that naïve man. And so we are going to go bowling with them this weekend, and see Sp@m@lot when it comes to town in the spring. Hooray. Honestly, I would like to never see her again, and I am probably going to be all kinds of inappropriate when we see them. I am not jealous by nature. Like, AT ALL. And I trust Hub. But this girl…nope. And I’m done with her shenanigans.
• I’ve been mildly feverish and fighting a cold for the last 3 days, and it’s been pretty miserable. I have powered through and continued to work out which is completely out of character for me. I haven’t gotten full blown sick though. Could it be the exercise? Maybe I am sweating it out.
• Last night there was a big school budget hearing at the district office which also happens to be at the school where I take Zumba on Thursdays. Hub, and my friend’s husband really wanted to go, so we ended up bringing our 5 kids to class with us. They were really well behaved, actually. Hub stopped down on a break though, and saw me sweaty and dancing like a fool. Even though he has seen everything at this point, I was mortified. He…doesn’t need to see that.
• I went to Walgreens for prescriptions this morning and decided to check out the Cadbury eggs. They only had the dark chocolate version. I bought them, of course, but it sort of seems like sacrilege. I actually prefer dark chocolate in just about everything else, but I guess I am an egg purist. They are so-so.
• I bought myself 3 crappy day presents over the last couple of days because I am plum out. A bag of the new Starbucks Blonde roast, some new hair bands, and some new hair ties. Nothing spectacular, but things that will help brighten my day. Win!
• It’s 50 degrees out today, and tonight we are supposed to have severe thunderstorms and more high wind. Oh, the wind we’ve had this winter. I’ve never seen anything like it! I cannot handle the dog when it’s windy either; it is the one thing that scares her. I should have maybe bought some Benadryl at Walgreens.
• I guess I’ve lollygagged long enough on this post. My desk is a mess, and I swore to myself that I would clean it before the weekend. I think I’ll eat lunch first though. Or watch some TV…or…


Sarah said...

Agree. Dark chocolate Cadbury eggs are weird, even though in general I prefer dark chocolate with everything. But apparently Cadbury must be milk chocolate. "Egg purist." I think that should be a new term. I bet there's many like us.

Swistle said...

I love "egg purist."

I don't buy the story about the non-date, either. I think she's pretending ignorance of social customs.

CAQuincy said...

Awwww, poor naive, hubby. But yeah, Lana is definitely playing dumb about the whole "it's OK we hang out as just friends" thing. Or she's just an idiot. I would back away from that couple slowly. *cringe*

Yes, I love dark chocolate, too, but I don't think I would like it with a Cadbury egg, either.

Misty said...

See, I AM the jealous type. And she would be out of our lives so damn fast, none of us would be seeing straight.

So, officially hate her. The cosmos needs to arrange her being hit by a bus. Amen.

d e v a n said...

She is so full of it.

Shalini said...

I hate Lana.