Monday, July 7, 2008

Status Updates I Could have posted to Facebook, but Saved for Here


...mysteriously has only one swollen ankle. Or Kankle. glad that the third time around, she remembers that all of the hair she has grown on her belly does go away.

...practiced really great parenting on the 4th of July.

...had happy kids over the holiday weekend.

...doesn't think that the Jon and Kate Plus 8 music video should make her blubber like a baby, but somehow, it does. deathly afraid of water, and projected such fears on to her children. She eventually gave in though, and Bud lived.

...doesn't give a rat's ass about "his needs" when she is 36-weeks pregnant. 36 weeks pregnant!!!! Her belly is bigger than her boobs!!

...looks like a sumo wrestler (with great hair).

...coughed so hard in the middle of the night that she threw up on the living room carpet. Cleaning up your own vomit at 2AM is very glamorous. embarrassed when Lucy uses baby talk. Not because it's stupid and annoying (which it is), but because she wants everyone to know how smart and well spoken her 3-year-old actually is. maybe a little bit shallow.

...definitely needs more sleep.

...can't wait to meet her new baby girl.


Swistle said...

Swistle is...ZOMG, 36 WEEKS!! Also: you look totally adorable. You are ALL TUM.

Jess said...

I can't wait to meet your new baby girl either! I can only imagine how impatient YOU must feel.

Misty said...

Look at you!

Look at that belly!

Oh the awesomeness, I could simply faint.

And I want to see Jon and Kate video....think they have it on youtube?

Anonymous said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG you are 36 weeks pregnant!!!!!!! WOWOW. Hope you are doing OK. Wish I could hug you. Love Paprika

LoriD said...

I'm with you on the water thing - I try not to project my fears onto my kids, but I haven't been entirely successful!

I can't wait to meet your little girl either.

You look awesome!

Fiona Picklebottom said...

We can't wait to meet her either! You look AWESOME! Almost there!

I haven't seen the Jon & Kate video; now I'll have to track it down.

Anonymous said...

I hated my kankles and I had forgotten about the extra belly hair. Sexy! Looking at those pictures totally makes me want to hug you.

Tessie said...

Listen, I don't have to be 36 weeks pregnant for my belly to be bigger than my boobs.

You look great girl. So happy for you.

Emily said...

I can't believe 36 weeks is already here.

And swollen ankle or no, your toes look pretty. I tried to paint mine myself and they are a mess.

bananafana said...

36 WEEKS!!! I'm starting to get all anxious for blog announcements.
I remember being impatient for my own like it was just 3 months ago . . . heh heh
the whole pool thing flips me out and now that my parents have one I find the whole thing exhausting. My children will remember me when I'm dead and gone yelling shrilly "DON'T RUN BY THE POOL!"

p.s. - you do have awesome hair. I'm jealous

Beck said...

36 WEEKS! That's nearly there!
Or in the Baby's case, there.
I totally forgot about the belly hair, which is how completely it goes away!

emily said...

you do look great!! I can't believe you're so close! :)

Mommy Daisy said...

Great photos. Glad you had a fun holiday weekend. It looks like the kids loved it! And you, my dear, look great! Kankles or not, that baby belly is great.