Sunday, November 2, 2008

30 Years in 30 Days--1979

My family had a longstanding tradition of placing a shot glass, a rosary or money in front of a child on their first birthday to see if they would be a drunk, rich or clergy. All three of these were placed on my high chair tray when I turned one in 1979. I chose the rosary, not because I was pious, but because I just loved my Gramma’s beads. This was the year my milk allergy went full blown and my diet was changed to include a whole lot of soy milk (and it wasn’t anything like what it is today). I was still bald as a cue ball and remained so until just before I turned 2. My vocabulary improved to include repeating anything and everything that I heard. My mother’s favorite quote: “This fucking rabbit!” When my rabbit jack in the box would not work properly. John Wayne and Nelson Rockefeller died this year.


Misty said...

Oh? Do you still have a milk allergy?

Also. John Wayne is dead? God, I am stupid. I figured he was shuffling around Hollywood somewhere. Guess not.

Anonymous said...

I want to know how accurate the shot glass/rosary/money test is. Does your family still do it? Did you do it for your kids? I'm intrigued, can you tell?

Emily said...

I'm loving these posts!