Friday, January 4, 2008

Friday 5

Like Jess I've also never done a Friday Five. But I am a copycat, so here goes. :)

1. Our daycare is officially high tech! Last week they installed a biometric scanner—no stupid # key pad for us, it’s all about the fingerprints baby, and this week they set up internet viewing. That’s right, I can watch my kids from my desk at work all day long! And you thought I was lazy before!! Muah hah hah!
2. My boss’s boss just signed me up for a class in North Carolina for the end of this month. Hello, I have kids. A little notice would be nice before I have to spend 2 nights away from them (regardless of the cushy comfy bed and Jacuzzi tub with a full television view). I’m pretty sure I’m not going but do have plans to be down there either at the end of Feb or some time in April. I told my boss that the absolute latest I will travel is the beginning of June.
3. You may have noticed that I deleted my entry from yesterday—or most of it anyway. Too much damn drama. I still have not heard from mi madre. Whatevs.
4. The vending machines here at work no longer have V8 in them. I could have really used a V8 today. Chex mix helped though. I think I’m craving salt.
5. I would trade the great pregnancy hair that I have right now for fantastic skin. I can’t even believe that it’s worse than it was before I got pregnant. I can’t win.


Jess said...

I'm starting to like this whole Friday Five thing. I'm glad you hopped on board.

1. Are you actually going to watch your kids? Or do you just like knowing that you can?
2. Where in NC? Being from there, I am curious.
5. Sundry has posted about the horrible breakouts she gets during pregnancy. Have you seen those posts? I am definitely not looking forward to that particular aspect of pregnancy.

Saly said...

Jess- I have watched them all day. It's cool because you can rewind it, so I watched us dropping them off this morning. I'm a psychopath!!


And heading to Sundry's now. Need to know that I'm not alone

Tessie said...

Those cameras sound SO COOL. I don't know though I feel like that's ALL I WOULD DO all day.

Black Sheeped said...

Those cameras do sound awesome! And rewind! Rewind! That's exciting.