Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Free For All

• I feel compelled to tell you that my parents aren’t actually bad people. They’re not even bad grandparents (when they are around). My kids love them and talk to at least my mother on the phone once a week. My mother has even offered to stay with me while Hub is in California for a week in September. They’re just well, absent. And you were all so right—not much I can do about it.
• I mentioned in casual conversation how I had given most of Lucy’s newborn clothes away, and one of the girls who works for me brought in about 30 sleepers size 0-3. I use them even in the summer because we sleep with the AC and the fan on. YAY!
• I’ve decided to work at least another week for a variety of reasons. One is having a huge project offered to me that I don’t trust anyone else to do, the second is the opportunity to do some pretty cool recording outside of my line of business, and the third is that if I work for even one day in July, I still get my monthly bonus. Dedicated? I am, but also money hungry.
• I have been very itchy the last few days, especially my palms and the soles of my feet. Yesterday I googled “itchy hands and feet in pregnancy” and approximately 24,568 links came up to say that it was normal. But I zeroed in on the one that said that my liver was probably failing, and promptly freaked the hell out. I took a benedryl last night (and had the best sleep I’ve had in a while) and used Lucy’s calming lotion this morning and I am doing a lot better.
• I have an apple sized zit right on the end of my nose. Pregnancy skin be damned.
I ordered my Wii today!!!!
• I think that I am going to try and get my entries from my old blog on to this one. It will be a pain due to having to edit pseudonyms. But I’d like a valid accounting of the last few years. I was reading my first few from 2006, when Bud was 2.5 and Lucy wasn’t even 1, and I wonder what ever happened to that girl? Incidentally, it has been 8 years since I officially started blogging


Anonymous said...

8 years? Wow.

Welcome to Wii World, baby!

Tessie said...

Eight years is AMAZING!

I can't wait to hear what you think of the Wii

Nowheymama said...

Your post yesterday made me want to go back and look at your old blog; I think you should do it.

Misty said...

Eight years is a damn long time. And I am impressed. Who knew that blogging had such a long history? (You did. I know.)

I would like for Santa to get Brother a Wii for the holidays. So you will have to tell me if it is great or something. Sadly, I am not much of a video game kinda girl.

Jess said...

Working an extra week for your July bonus is smart! I'd do the same thing. Totally worth it.

Kristin.... said...

I don't think anyone thought your parents were bad people. Sometimes our expectations are more than they can live up to.
Blogging for 8 years? Holy cow! I'd love to read old posts. I've only been blogging since February!

Anonymous said...

Parents are parents. 'Nuff said ;)

So, we've been friends for 8 years? HOT DAMN that is wonderful!

Love you
Paprika x

LoriD said...

I can't believe you've been at this blogging thing for eight years! Amazing!

Very jealous about the Wii. I don't generally play video games, but for some reason I am desperate for a Wii (and Wii Fit).