Sunday, December 9, 2007

We've Decorated---a photo entry

My China Cabinet and Nativity Scene

My penguin pants
CA taking a rest while we do the work
My Favorite Ornament
CA's Angels

ED's nutcrackers

The Grinch and Dog

The View Outside

CA posing

The Tree

My New Angel


Tessie said...

My favorites are the penguin pants and the angel.

YAY decorating!

Mommy Daisy said...

Wow, you got to everything...even the outside and your pants. Cute. I love the new angel. Pretty!

Jess said...

Gorgeous photos! I love the penguin pants and also those picture frames on the wall with the angels. Those are great!

LoriD said...

That angel is too cute! Everything looks great!

Misty said...

Ok, this is so beside the point...

But those shelves, with the kids pictures on the inside in black and white? I am certified IN LOVE with them.

Where'd you get 'em? Spill.

Beck said...

My children would want to move right on in if they saw that inflatable snow globe - I have wrongfully deprived them of their God-given inflatable snowglobe rights, according to them.

Saly said...

Misty- we actually earn points at work and then can redeem them through an online catalogue. So that is where I got the frames. It’s real stuff though, and I believe the brand was Fetco, which I have seen at Target and Kohl’s. I got them 2 or 3 (even though I just hung them up) years ago though so……

Beck- it’s totally commercial, right? We refused to buy them. The snowman was a gift from my MIL and the bear from our neighbor. Then Hub saw the snow globe on clearance after Christmas last year and caved. It was $25 and he bought it with a Christmas gift card. The kids enjoy them.