Monday, December 17, 2007


I totally forgot to tell you that I linked to my 3 favorite entries over there in the sidebar.

And also here is a photo of the kids where we went sledding on Saturday. (Where my husband thought it was lunacy that I wouldn’t go down the huge hill---I think he’s the loonie)

And P.S. Chex Mix is salty and delicious.


Jess said...

Cute snowsuits! When I was little, I always referred to them as "snow-snoots." Even now, I catch myself almost doing the same thing.

LoriD said...

I WANT that lime green snow suit!

Tessie said...

Don't you just love Chex Mix? Especially the little rye chips. YUMMY.

Misty said...

My kids (Meaning The Eldest and The Husband) would give their collective right arms to go sledding.

Me? Not so much. I hate the cold.