Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Tuesday!!

Somehow, I made it to work at 7:30 this morning. I usually roll in around, say, 9:10 or so, so this is an amazing feat. How, you might ask? Hub came home from work at 5-ish. I was on the couch, where I had been all night. He thought it was important to tell me that ED was in our bed, and ask whether I was aware. I was not, nor did I see how this was relevant conversation for 5AM. After Hub made himself comfy in bed, ED woke up and came out on the couch with me. Sleep was out the window.

I lay on the couch in the dark for about 30 minutes and then decided to screw it, got up and came to work. I even made my own breakfast and coffee instead of stopping. Seriously. AND I wore a skirt and heels. The world may be ending. To top it all off, there was amazing music on my satellite radio on the way in, starting with The Bloodhound Gang and “Fire Water Burn” and ending with Damn Yankees “High Enough” (which I can not get out of my head).

Let’s hope my day doesn’t hit the shitter from here.

I saw my new OB yesterday who was perfect and exactly what I was looking for ( think I mentioned that she was the resident at the hospital and assisted in both of my other deliveries). We had an actual conversation instead of the 3 minute in and out appointments I was getting at the old place. I felt like she truly cared about my well being, and the baby, and making sure we had the absolute best care. It was warm and fuzzy like the old practice was before everyone left. She told me that the DR at the old one only delivers babies one night a week and one weekend a month, so the on call DR’s affiliated with the hospital have to do all of their deliveries. NOBODY told me that, and let me tell you that if some stranger was delivering my baby, I would not have been pleased. So, I’m extremely happy. Hub is happy too because they induce at 38.5-39 weeks. He’s afraid that since CA came so quickly, we won’t have time to go to the hospital. I have strong feelings AGAINST being induced, because pitocin contractions come straight from the devil, but we’ll see where we are—the DR thinks that it is a good option to consider based on the size of my other babies. The other good thing would be that they do them on Mon, Tues or Weds during the day so we could potentially do it when the kids are home and not worry about the middle of the night shuffle. I have to have an ultrasound at 36 weeks to check her size and we’ll go from there, but I think it’s a pretty sure bet that she will be a July baby one way or the other.

I get more excited about her by the day. I will be 20 weeks tomorrow. There is so much to be done!! I’m not allowing myself to go through her clothes and things until I accomplish what I want to get done upstairs, which basically involves an overhaul. Our cupboards came in yesterday, so our kitchen should be done by the end of April at the latest. Hub hasn’t even started the tear-out or moved the 2 doorways we need to move. I think I need to take a few days off to clear the kitchen out. I want to take before photos as well. My list just keeps getting longer, and I should be a lot more motivated, but all I can think about is baby girl.

I can’t believe its only 9:15! What am I going to do with the rest of my day??


Jess said...

Your excitement is so infectious. It makes me want a baby NOW. Even though I know that is soooo a bad idea.

LoriD said...

Before kids I was always at work at 7:30. I swear I got more done between 7:30 and 9:30 AM than I did the rest of the day.

Yay for new kitchen cabinets. I would love a new kitchen!

Tessie said...

I get TONS of stuff done by getting to work between 7 and 7:30.

High Enough! I haven't heard that song in years. Love it.

bananafana said...

BOODHOUND GANG!!!!! now I want satellite radio.

I'm getting stressed out just HEARING about your kitchen project but I'm anal and silly. How exciting! I can't believe you're already at 20 weeks and I'm so jealous you know it's a girl. I guess I don't have long to wait now but it's driving me CRAZY. I'm so jealous of your doctor - mine is starting to rub me the wrong way over the last two weeks . . .

Mommy Daisy said...

Happy Tuesday indeed. You are in a great mood today! Good! You were up, at work, and almost had this posted before I even got out of bed today. We got a late start. It was dreary outside and Zachariah slept late (nice though). I feel the oposite of you, I haven't gotten anything done. Oh well, there is still plenty of time.

Yeah for the great OB. That gives me hope, because I'll have to find a new one when the time comes. It is so great to have a good doctor you like and trust. Baby is coming soon. It always goes so fast.

I can't wait to hear more abuot the kitchen progress. It would be neat to see photos too. Good luck with it all.

Pickles & Dimes said...

At work early and dressed up???

You win, girl!

Misty said...

I always feel better when I feel 'put together' in the morning and that I have done everything 'right'.

You have so much new in your life right now! That is so exciting. Also, I have been induced twice. The first time because I was given a medical reason and the second time because that was just the way the practice works. The "just because" induction still makes me uncomfortable. I regret being pushed into it. Next time, I want to start labor on my own unless there is a medical reason (a good one!) not to.

mom of the year said...

I can totally see you rocking out to Bloodhound Gang. YAY! Hope your day never hit the shitter. Tee hee hee. The shitter.

Oh - and the convo at 5 AM? Whatever, hubs.