Sunday, November 20, 2011

The good stuff

It's the end of another week! Here are a few of this things that have made me happy this week:

*Putting together our Christmas cards, and getting them in the mail on Friday.
*Starting the OCM with some of my favorite Twitter friends.
*Putting the finishing touches on my crappy day package.
*Spending Friday and Saturday Christmas shopping with Hub.

What was your good stuff this week?


Anonymous said...

My good stuff this week:

Extended day in pre-school during which I got 4 glorious kid-free hours to go Xmas shopping with a girlfriend.

I got to eat guacamole.

The week finally ended and I get to start a new (and hopefully better) one.

Misty said...

I started the OCM. I am currently unsure. Would you believe that I think my skin is too DRY to slather it with cooking oil? I have to re-moisturize twice in the night. Heh.

I went shopping to finish up on the CDP too. Was wicked fun.

Cheetos. They make everything better.